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When Using A LED Bathroom Mirror, Where Should The Other Lighting Be?

by JiataoNiu on 0 Comments

Lighting the Vanity Right

To eliminate shadows under the chin, eyes, and cheeks, fixtures should be mounted on either side of the vanity mirror (or on the mirror's surface, if it's large), 36 to 40 inches apart. The center of each fixture should be roughly at Eye Level, OR About 66 inches Above the floor.

In addition to color temperature, is it a payment light? What is the corresponding wattage number?

Take the Japanese Industrial Standard Illumination Standard (JIS Z9110) as an example, the overall lighting of the bathroom requires 75-150LX.

Therefore, our suggestion is as follows:

In fact, buying lights is concerned that color moderate is sufficient: the color temperature depends on personal preferences, more than 80RA, the more close to 100, better color, and other indicators will not be poor.

Other data about light flux, beam angle, illuminance, luminous intensity, luminous efficiency, HAUSCHENHOME LED mirror will give you the best color gear color.

As for how many watts in the end, it is better to look at the luminous efficiency of the lamp, and it is not as good as the bathroom area. A small bathroom can be selected a circular mirror and a rectangular mirror (which can be placed vertically). The large-scale bathroom can be selected for large rectangular mirrors (transverse placement).


Can I use the LED mirror as the only bathroom light source?
The answer is: no


Below we will conduct a classification answer for the lighting problems of the bathroom

1.Washing Area, Dressing Table

Washing plane light requirements

Preparation for men and women that need makeup

Even if you are not in the bathroom makeup, you can bring this standard to another place.

Superior Hotel washing is generally left and right lights, and some are two wall lights, and some are LED lampsses.

Specifically, the color temperature 4000k white light, color color 80Ra, can not be used in yellow light, otherwise, makeup will have a thickness.

The mirror cabinet or the mirror cabinet can consider bringing a rendering atmosphere with a light, and the lights around the lights will be more "convenient" than the lamp above the mirror cabinet. From the top of the light, there will be shadows, and the lights around the mirror will not have Such embarrassment. For example, it is like a niche, there is a good effect in the mounting light strip in the niche.


2.Shower Area

Lights in the shower area.

Not only to let yourself see if there is no clean, but also need to create a certain atmosphere. Generally, the wall light is installed on the side of the shower, the lamp can make the whole body clearly, and the brightness can be around 100LX. The color temperature can have a easy effect on the yellow. The lamp is best to use the large beam angle, especially the family with the old people, will be more suitable!


3.Toilet Area

Bring the light to the toilet

Studies have shown that people are now in a toilet, whether it is to watch the video or play a game, is a light source worth lighting up.

In the upper place of the toilet, you can install the spotlight or the lamp, not only you can do lighting. If you like to read the book, you can be used as a reading light. At night, the bathroom will also consider that you can install some auxiliary lighting at the low level, so that the evening lights can be clear and clear while not glaring!



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Design Considances

Surrounding bathroom elements. The choice of fixture style presents an opportunity to introduce character or reinforce the design aesthetic of the bathroom. With so many options, make sure to embrace this chance to make a statement. Consider how the light fixture will look next to other Elements of the vanity and bathroom, to Achieve hauschenhome Design.


As you can see, it is important to utilize space Planning in your bathroom!


——The end——


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