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2 Ways to Wire LED Bathroom Mirror

by Li Taiyan on 3 Comments

If you have a re-wiring problem when installing an LED bathroom mirror, then this article will introduce you to the two wiring methods, the total connection just needs two steps.

Electrical safety instructions

The installation must be made by a qualified/registered electrician. If you don’t have professionally installed in this product, don’t try it yourself to be installed for Hauschen Home.

1.Prepare to install

The first step includes confirming the mounting position of the mirror to confirm that the mounting position of the mirror is fixed to confirm that all elements required for the wiring are ready.

Please refer to the installation instructions and check if all parts are existing.

Then, the power cord is fixed, and the voltage level is checked with a multimeter or voltage detector.

Turn Off The Power Line to Ensure Your Security.

2.Two connection ways

(1) Hardwired (Wall Switch Controller)

This way may need a little professional skill, if you want the connection to be easier, please see the second way.

Hauschen Home Lighted bathroom mirrors are designed and manufactured in the class II category, with no need for earth connection. The products need to be hardwired with the supply cable lead from the wall. Also, we provide an extra 1.5m US 2-pin plug for easy connection with the existing wall socket Just Connect Black to Black, White to White.

Finally, Turn on The Power Line and test the lighting of your mirror.

The advantage of this way is that the lighting of the mirror can be directly controlled through the switch on the wall. When you turn on the switch, the mirror will remember your last light setting. The brightness, temperature adjustment, and anti-fog function are controlled by the induction button on the mirror. Second, there will be no bareness of the plug, not only beautiful and safer.

(2) Plug

This way is quite easy, just like you charge your mobile phone.

Directly plug the Hauschen mirrors into your outlet, the lighting system of the mirror can be powered on, but only after you touch the mirror switch button, the light will open. Hauschen mirrors are equipped with a remember function that remembers your last light setting.

Now you know more information about how to connect lighting bathroom mirrors. Of course, some wiring work may require some changes. Therefore, please feel free to share your comments on this topic.

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  • by Shawn Marcellus on

    Hello, I lost my power cord, need a replacement. 267-334-3434.

  • by Tony on

    When I touch the mirror to switch it on the spot lights go off and the mirror light comes on then goes off and if I disconnect the mirror the spot lights dim any ideas

  • by Great Value Handyman on

    Thanks for sharing a nice article, very very useful post, thank you! Keep sharing this kind of article it really helps for everyone. I am also great of this because I am planning to renovate my bathroom and I think this is a best ideas, I came across – can anyone recommend this?

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