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Easy Cleaning Tips For Your Lighted Bathroom Mirror

by Li Taiyan on 1 Comment

There’s nothing like a sparkling clean bathroom, is there? When your bathroom is clean, you can rest easy knowing that there are no harmful germs or bacteria in what is supposed to be the second cleanest (next to the kitchen, that is) room in your home. But even if your bathroom’s fixtures, floors, and walls are clean and your bathroom mirror isn’t, this can easily dampen your enthusiasm for spending some quality time in your bathroom. Besides, having a dirty bathroom mirror will not make it easy for you to style or groom yourself, either.
So in order to clean your bathroom mirror, whether you have lighted bathroom mirrors or just ordinary mirrors, here’s what you need to know.

The cleaning materials you need…

A micro-fiber cloth is the first item you need when it comes to cleaning your LED bathroom mirrors, such as those from or any bathroom mirrors. The good aspect of microfiber cloths is that they are lint-free and are very absorbent as well. Also, microfiber cloth dries quickly, making it easier for you to clean your bathroom mirrors with lights.

Other items you need for cleaning your lighted bathroom mirror like a professional is rubbing alcohol, cotton balls or pads, and a glass cleaner. The glass cleaner you choose can either be homemade or bought in a store – it’s up to you. For homemade glass cleaner, all you need is a mixture of equal parts water and vinegar.


Steps to cleaning your LED bathroom mirrors:

1. Place a few drops of alcohol on a cotton ball or pad

Get a cotton ball or pad and place a few drops of the alcohol on it. Then quickly look over your mirror to see if there is any grime or dirt, such as splatters of toothpaste, shaving cream, gel, and the like. Rub these splatters away with the cotton ball.

2. Spray the illuminated mirror with the glass cleaner

After wiping away the splatters on your bathroom mirror, spray the surface of the mirror with the glass cleaner (home-made or store-bought). Be careful of over-spraying though, as you only want a mist on your mirror’s surface rather than a complete drenching.

3. Wipe the mirror’s surface with the microfiber cloth

The next step is to fold your cloth into four quarters, so you have several clean cloth surfaces to wipe the mirror with. The best way to wipe your mirror is, to begin with, the mirror’s top right corner and gently move the cloth towards the top left side. Then simply swoop the cloth downwards in a zigzag pattern until you reach the bottom of the mirror. This method of wiping the mirror also eliminates the risk of any streaking on the surface. If the mirror is still a bit hazy, then use the other side of the microfiber cloth to wipe it down again, always making sure that you wipe it in a zigzag motion.

4. Check the mirror for any markings

After wiping the mirror from top to bottom, check it for any markings or leftover dirt or grime. If there are any leftover stains, simply spray them with the glass cleaner and buff them with the microfiber cloth until no stain remains.

When it comes to keeping your illuminated bathroom mirrors clean, you just use the same materials. This way, you are assured of clean, sparkling mirrors every single day.

The following 8 points can be used to extend the life of your lighted bathroom mirrors:

1.Do not touch the mirror with wet hands and do not wipe the mirror surface with a wet cloth, this can prevent moisture from entering.

2.Mirrors must not come in contact with salt, grease, and acids, which can easily corrode the mirror.

3.Please use a soft dry cloth or cotton to wiped the bath mirror, which can prevent the mirror surface from being bristled

4.Brush your mirror with a toothbrush or cloth dipped in vinegar. This will make the mirror shine like new. Because the water stain on the mirror is alkaline, acetic acid can neutralize it. A little vinegar can brush clean a large mirror, very practical.

5.Before taking a bath, apply soap to the mirror surface and wipe it with a dry cloth. A soap liquid film will form on the mirror surface. And this film can prevent the mirror from being blurred

6.Wipe the mirror and frame with a cloth moistened with milk to make them clear and bright

7.It is better to turn off the LED mirror light when not in use.

8.When close the electric gate if needed, turn off the light of the LED mirror before pulling down the electric gate

1 Comment

  • by Noelle Gault on

    First, I love these mirrors. They look sleek clean and modern. They are an excellent value considering the cost of mirrors and lights these days. I ordered 5 mirrors and although all were packaged well and delivered in a timely manner, one was badly damaged. They were ordered a few months in advance and were not opened immediately due to construction delays for new home. Once opened we saw one was shattered. It was past the Amazon return timeframe so I contacted the seller via the Hauschen website directly and explained my situation. They responded quickly and professionally and sent me a replacement mirror within a few days! Fantastic customer service and I was extremely happy with the new mirror which was 1/2 for a double vanity. My advice when ordering in advance as we have to do these days is to open every box and check the products – don’t wait. I was lucky with this company!

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