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The best high-end mirrors used in bathroom 2021

by JiataoNiu on 0 Comments

In fact, bathroom lighted mirrors are designed for improving personal life efficiency and self-confidence, especially ones in the bedroom and bathrooms. A good mirror is not only clear, refecting real, but also is both durable and aesthetic. So here is the ultimate list of top 10 best bathroom led lighted mirror of 2021 below that are useful as well beautiful at the same time.

1. Hauschen Home Dimmable LED Lighted Bathroom Mirror, Halo, Rectangular

SHOP LINK: HAUSCHEN 36x28 inch LED Bathroom Wall Mounted Makeup Vanity Mirror with CRI 95 Adjustable Light, Anti Fog, Memory Dimming Function, IP44 Waterproof, Vertical & Horizontal

Hauschen Home lighted mirror have both good looking and quality. It is the best seller on Amazon. It supports by either wall switch controller or screen touch controller, depends on your habit. Light emission is controlled by three touch keys mirror power switch/ brightness, color temperature, and defogging function. The simple design of the mirror makes it easily installed horizontally or vertically, including 32*24 inch, 32*40 inch, and 36*28 inch, allowing you find the ideal fit for your bathroom.

2. Hauschen Home Dimmable LED Backlit Mirror With Anti-Fog, Round

SHOP LINK: HAUSCHEN R30 inch LED Bathroom Wall Mounted Mirror with High Lumen+CRI 95 Adjustable Color Temperature+Anti Fog+Dimmer Function+IP44 Waterproof

There is nothing to give your bathroom than an elegant oval polished frameless mirror. If there is a long rectangular mirror in your bathroom, it is highly recommended that using two elliptical mirrors instead of a square one. Hauschen Home round backlit mirror is in 30 inch diameter and 1.2 inch thickness. Its highly polished finish makes it shine perfectly for the makeup beauty.

  • Anti-fog alone control: anti-fog controlled by touch buttons alone, according to your needs, safety and energy-saving anti-fog opened and closed.

  • Switch control support wall: wall switch may be directly manipulated lamp on / off, because the mirror is equipped with a contact sensor memory, such contact may manipulate the brightness of the dimming and color temperature switching.

  • No copper silver mirror, environmental protection, less corrosion speed, compared to most brands used in normal silver mirrors. The electronic part listed by UL is covered by the safety shell. Fog function helps keep the reflection drawing. Ultra-thin mirror depth, only 1.2 inches. Installation is easy and safe.

  • High quality LED backlight, CRI 95 brings super bright halls in the bathroom, and even more lighting is required. The light can be adjusted to 10% - 100% brightness, or you can choose 3000K warm white, 4200K neutral white light or 5500k. Comfortable visual lighting, no flashes, no ultraviolet rays.

  • Solid packaging: All of our mirrors are packed by the drops of test, pressure test and impact test, it will greatly reduce the damage of the transportation process.


3. Réflexon Wireless Charging Hollywood Style LED Lighted Vanity Makeup Mirror

SHOP LINK: Réflexon 24 x 32 Inch Full Mirrored Frameless Hollywood Style LED Lighted Vanity Makeup Mirror with 10W Qi-Enabled Wireless Fast Charger, 14 Daylight LED Dimmable Bulbs Included

If you need to spend much time in front of your mirror, Reflexon wireless charging hooly wood style LED lighted mirror is your perfect choice. It enables QI wireless fast charging, allowing your device ready to be checked in any time. This is a high-end beauty mirror brand under professional led lighted mirror brand, Hauschen Home. A chic match for influencers to do mirror selfies.

● Mirror coverage: the base of mirror marginal and luxurious style.

● Excellent LED bulbs with CRI> 95, bring your thermal lighting for your chemical equipment, no flash, no ultraviolet light;

● Enable QI wireless fast charging and width compatibility: Integrated 10W wireless charging pad, which is convenient. Fast charging output will allow your device to provide power and is ready to use instant.

● Intelligent touch button: You can turn the brightness to your needs simply when you touch the sensor.

● Copper is self-listed in silver mirror and UL, making the mirror significantly reflex and safety

These three types of mirrors discussed above are perfect fit to all types of bathrooms. These pricey mirrors are worth the cost as they have a high-end LED lighted mirror around the polished edge which is great for makeup application and shaving.



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