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Is LED Lighting Good for Applying Makeup?

by Li Taiyan on 0 Comments

If you ask any makeup artist or beautician asking the difference between good makeup and bad makeup, then they will say the same thing: lighting.

You can spend hundreds of dollars on a limited edition of lipstick or eye shadow. If you have terrible lighting during your makeup, they are not important.

So how do you choose a light to make sure you have a good makeup experience.

The LED light is ideal for makeup applications because they are the nearest alternatives to natural sunlight. They have a good CRIS and have a variety of color temperatures. This means that the LED will show the skin with a relatively correct and natural color.

If you spend a lot of time on Instagram, you will see a Hollywood mirror that uses LED as the light source, a lighted bathroom mirror, and hand-holding makeup mirror, such as the influence of LED lighting in our daily makeup.

When choosing light bulbs for a beauty room or make-up, there are many different things to consider — lumen, CRI, color temperature, de-fog, etc.

I know this term seems to be a fear, but I promise this very simple. Continue reading some simple tips and techniques, when will you pay attention!

Why is it important in makeup?

In the infamous words of superstar Mariah Carey, “bad lighting is toxic”.

I believe that you will agree that lighting can be your best friend or the most enemy. Even the best makeup can also look terrible in some lights.

Therefore, it goes without saying that the lighting has a significant impact on the number and color of your application cosmetics.

Without enough brightness, your skin will appear dark and dark shadows, such as the bottom bag, will be exaggerated. Therefore, you might use an excess foundation and concealer to cover up. Dark Illing will also make you can’t see your face outline.

In addition, poor lighting will affect how you look at the color. The pink blush you think is subtle? Ok, it actually looks like clown makeup in natural sunlight.

What type of light is suitable for applying makeup?

Let us start by avoiding anything. If you only take one, make sure this is: the fluorescent light is the worst light for makeup applications. The fluorescent lamp is too bright for makeup. They will not only wash away your skin and make it unilateral, but will also enhance your defect.

So what is the alternative? The reason is why so many people prefer to shoot a selfie in the Gold Time. This is because natural sunlight is an undeniable discussion.

Warm, natural daylight is ideal for makeup applications because it provides the most accurate reflection of the face.

Under natural light, your face looks obvious and uniformly, which will allow you to find any flaws that need to be covered.

But of course, the warm day is not suitable for demand. Is there an alternative to the sun in the evening or cloudy or cloudy day?

Warm white LED is the next best thing in the natural sun.

This is because, such as the sun, the LED produces light containing visible light, infrared waves, and ultraviolet rays.

If you want to further take this step, smart LED is even better. These bulbs are dimmable, which can be adjusted to emit tipping or cooling white light.

This is perfect if you want to test how your makeup mode looks at different times.

It is also important to consider the Color Rendering Index (CRI) of the LED. CRI is a measure of the ability of the light source to display color.

When talking about makeup, a light bulb with low CRI will not accurately depict the color. This means choosing the foundation shadow of skin tone is more challenging.

Color is very important to makeup applications. Therefore, it goes, the higher the CRI, the better.

High CRI will guarantee that you can see the color of your eye shadow and you can find detail and defects.

What color temperature is most like?

In the end, it is important to pay attention to color temperature. This is the temperature or cool, measured in Kelvin (k).

How does color temperature impact makeup applications?

To simply say, the bulb is higher, it will become yellow. Yellow light has a non-ordinary effect on the skin, making it boring, tired, sick.

If you apply makeup under the warm yellow light, you may find yourself over-covered foundation and powder, try to neutralize this.

On the other end of the spectrum, the cool blue flavoring bulb is equally poor. Blue tall dimming will be jumped on any red area on the face, such as acne or roses.

As a result, you may be piled up on color corrector and cover disguise. But in fact, when you enter the natural daylight, the result is a mess.

Makeup lighting needs to sit in a place in the middle. In other words, it should not be too cool or too warm. Therefore, I recommend choosing a light bulb between 4000 and 5000K.

It may be that the most popular smart LED lighting so far is Hauschenhome adjustable illuminated mirror ( You can easily control the brightness and temperature of the light (3000K-5500K) through the sensing button on the mirror, with a wall switch and anti-fog function, and the like. CRI 90+. No flashes, no ultraviolet rays, no-copper silver, about 180,000 hours of life.

Last words

If you have no makeup looks amazing in the bathroom mirror, but in the elevator mirror, then you are the victim of the lighting.

Don’t worry, it happens to us best. Thank you, the solution is very simple: high CRI, white LED!

Can you have any makeup disasters before the light? Do you find the most popular color temperature on the skin?

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