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Three Ways of How to Choose A Bathroom Mirror

by claire he on 1 Comment

Bathroom mirror is an important part of the bathroom. This is closely related to the style of the bathroom, the safety of use and even the protection of personal privacy. Nowadays, bathroom mirrors have various appearances, which can be square or oval, or as a whole. The edge of the mirror is frameless or carved, or it can meet the needs of exquisiteness and practicality at the same time. Or as a part of the bathroom cabinet, the bathroom cabinet with mirror light has a powerful storage function... How should we judge which bathroom mirror to buy is practical and safe?


1. Shape and style

Bathroom mirrors are mainly oval, round and rectangular. Choosing the right shape can give your bathroom a double atmosphere effect.

Bathroom mirrors in shape of oval, round and rectangular

  1. OVAL

The oval bathroom mirror is an error-free model passed down by everyone. When the oval mirror encounters a square space, the collision between the two shapes is very beautiful. If you think that such an oval mirror is not enough to decorate your bathroom, you can add some decorations to make the beauty of the mirror more prominent.

  1. ROUND

Compared with the oval shape, the round bathroom mirror is more round. This difference makes the round bathroom mirror softer throughout the space, especially when the round bathroom mirror meets the colorful bathroom. The impact of visual collision is very strong. Similarly, round bathroom mirrors have many possibilities for decorative frames. You will be attracted by the creativity of your hands. Whether it is straw or a sling, it can be mixed into the bathroom and add luster.


The square bathroom mirror has a strong sense of line and is relatively hard. This is a satisfactory bathroom mirror. Most people will use this shape of bathroom mirror, which can be called the basic shape of bathroom mirror in home decoration.

Generally, oval and round shapes are more suitable for European and Mediterranean style bathroom environments, while square shapes are more suitable for British and American concise styles. The atmosphere of the bathroom combined with different frame materials can create a retro, modern or simple meaning.

2. Size and Thickness

The first thing to do is to measure the width and height of the mirror to be installed, and the length of the work surface should use the mirror as the basis for measurement. The most common way to determine the width of a mirror is to choose a mirror that is 1-2 inches shorter than the width of the top of the bathroom sink. In addition, the homeowner’s walls should leave one to two inches of wall space on each side. The next step is to measure the appropriate height of the mirror. The mirror should be at least four to six inches from the ceiling and no higher than the bathroom sink.

For decoration, the beauty of the bathroom has never been so. The biggest secret is to choose a bathroom mirror with a strong mirror body. The mirror has 3 thicknesses, 4mm, 5mm and 6mm. The ideal home mirror has a thickness of 4mm, because even if the wall on which it is placed is uneven, it will not deform the reflection.

3. Material

Silver mirrors and aluminum mirrors are currently two common types of mirror materials.

  1. Aluminum mirror:

Use high temperature to directly vaporize solid aluminum, and then spray the gaseous aluminum onto the glass surface. When the gaseous aluminum meets the cold glass, it solidifies directly into solid aluminum, forming an aluminum film on the glass surface, and then coating with waterproof paint , The aluminum mirror is formed.

  1. Silver mirror:

After chemical reaction, silver nitrate, ammonia water, etc. are used to reduce the silver ions to metallic silver and cover the glass surface, and then apply waterproof paint to form a silver mirror.

Silver mirrors have better refractive properties than aluminum mirrors. Under the same light, they will appear brighter and better quality. It is particularly suitable for dim bathrooms with less lighting. The price is more economical, and it can meet the basic mirror needs of the daily bathroom. For special makeup, you can choose a mirror with adjustable brightness and color temperature to increase the light.


Bathroom mirror with adjustable Color temperature

If the decoration time is too rushed and there is not enough time to choose a mirror, we are willing to do it for you and share the worries for you. Please tell us your needs, we will reply to you in the shortest time and provide the most favorable solution. If you are interested in interior decoration, or have more questions about how to choose a bathroom mirror after reading the above content, please contact us for more consultation.

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1 Comment

  • by Charlotte Fleet on

    My parents are remodeling the bathroom in their master suite and they need to choose a new mirror. I like how you said that the height of the mirror in your bathroom should be 4-6 inches from the ceiling. I will have my mom and dad find a supplier that can create a mirror that is the perfect height for their bathroom.

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